Daily current affair 10 October 2015

Sunset clause on tax exemption

It will  provide open and corporate tax exemption . While trimming the list of sector that are entitled to such benefits on research and development and capital expenditure it will help in phasing out corporate exemption and thus it will lower the corporate tax rate and on the other hand will also provide funds to the government to give a push to investment growth and job creation.

Sarang advanced light helicopter of Indian Air Force

Trans Pacific Partnership Act 

Trans Pacific Partnership Act between United States and 11 Pacific Rim Nations including Canada and Japan .it will  together account for almost 40 % of the world GDP and will eliminate or reduce about 18000 tariff and non tariff barriers.

High risk area will be shifted from India’s Western coast 

this will reduce the insurance cost of Indian shipping companies
 he high risk areas were places because of the incidents of piracy near the Indian coasts 
existence of a HRA to India’s Western coast also create security risk which will now be addressed to an extent

Dolphin reserve

 the first Dolphin Reserve of India will be set up in West Bengal in the Hooghly river
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