Daily current affair 14 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Border infrastructure projects

  • A radical new approach is now being adopted to accelerate projects to unclog the bottlenecks in border areas, along with work on hundreds of other strategic projects, as the Narendra Modi government sharpens focus on creating infrastructure along India’s borders.
  • From the Bharat Mala project (it envisages a road network along India’s land boundary, stretching from Gujarat to Mizoram) to
  • Sagar Mala (under which a coastal infrastructure will be set up along the nation’s vast shoreline),
  • the government’s intention is clear: bring about a road and infra construction boom to help drive trade.

Cyberdome  Hi-Tech Centre for cyber security being set up by the Kerala Police

Sustainable Urban Development 

  • is three fold economics ,technological and social sustainability
  • economic sustainability means that our investment today must be sustainable tomorrow
  • social sustainability meaning that we need to build a society that keeps together by involving residents in Planning, building and developing our cities
  • a gender perspective in city planning is also crucial

India Africa forums submit (IAFS)-2008

  • 1st Phase:- India had offered duty free market access to Africa’s least developed countries
  • 2nd phase:-India promised 5 billion dollars in soft loan and four billion dollar in grands for institution building and training
  • Pan Africa e-network- it has shown limited success

Angus Deaton
Economics Nobel 2014 for his research for creating the link between individual consumption decision and outcome for the whole economics

  • his work has helped transforming modern microeconomics and macroeconomics and development economics
  • book The Great Escape
  • basically related between development and poverty
  • particularly for India his work has great significance as he related various poverty measurement schemes such as that of tendulkar or NSSO reports
  • He related the individual data with cumulative data.

Participatory notes  mostly used by Overseas HNI (high networth individuals), hedge funds and other foreign Institutions which allow them to invest in Indian market through registered foreign institutional investors (FII)CURRENT AFFAIR IMAGE

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