Daily current affair 19 October 2015 the hindu and indian express

Golden triangle the greatest Drug Empires that rose in Southeast Asia jungles

Importance of Indo African relations 

there has been a recent change the African society which require change from in the perspective of Indians for enhancing bilateral relation with the African Nations which are as follows:-

  • Rise of the African middle class
  • Business to business links (investment from India account for 6% )

African economic rise due to five factors such as:-

  • improved political governance
  • rapidly growing population
  • organisation improvement
  • better educated and skilled workforce
  • Global demographic which favour young population of Africa

there are many similarity between Africa and India such as:-

  •  regional diversity
  • geoeconomics diversity

African culture deserve ex-poser which is clearly visible by the sporadic incidents of racist abuse against African students and tourists

Kati Bihu
It is celebrated on the first day of the Kati month of the Assamese calendar and is closely related to agriculture. it is the time of the year when paddy grows in the fields and cultivators work hard for a good harvest


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