Daily current affair 8 October 2015

National war Memorial and National war Museum 

at Princess Park near India Gate New Delhi.
in the memory of all Indian soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice for the country post independence.
India Gate was built to Commentate the sacrifice of 13,300 soldiers who died in World War 1 and third Anglo Afghan war

Sukinda Valley

In Orissa famous for chromite mines and account for more than 90 % of India’s chromite reserve
Overburden is a deposit of topsoil and mining project which are dug out during surface mining recently there has been pollution problem due to over burden


School Education 

Allahabad High Court has given up path breaking judgement in improving the condition of school education in Uttar Pradesh and asked the state government to create a framework to ensure that children of Government employees are enrolled only in government Run primary schools ,so as a measure to increase accountability that would lead to improve teaching standard
Intergovernmental Panel for climate change head will be korea Hoeaung Lee

Noble prize in Chemistry 

for mapping and explaining how the cells Repair its DNA and safeguard its genetic information has been given to Sweden –Tomas Lindahl ,American –Paul Modrich and Turkish –Sancar

Intended nationally determined contribution

will represent what is country is willing to do based on its national circumstances and capabilities
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