Important Ancient Terms for Civil Services (IAS) Prelims and Mains Examination

Lohit Ayas Copper
Syam Ayas Iron
Vanik Traders
Gramini Village Head
Bhagadugha Tax collector
Sthapati Chief Judge
Takshan Carpenter
Niska Unit of currency
Satamana Unit of currency
Pana Term used for coin
Shresthi Guilds
Vihara Buddhist Monastery
Chaitya Sacred Enclosure
Pradeshika Head of district Administration
Nagarka City administration
Jesthaka Chief of a Guild
Prathamakulika Chief of artisans
Uparika Governor of Bhukti
Didishu Remarried woman
Amatya High official
Dvija Initiation into education
Yukta Revenue officer in the Mauryan period.
Rajjukas Land measurement & fixing land revenue
Sabha Assembly of few select ones
Samiti Larger Assembly
Dharamamahamatya Most important post created by Asoka.


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